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#1 Wed, Sep 02, 2015 7:20 pm

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Things to watch out for from the new patch in no particular order.

1. AA missiles now have wider arc and cannot do a 180 degree turn anymore.

2. All lock-on projectiles will become harmless/useless very quickly if you lose lock and don't regain lock quickly enough.  But now also do more damage...

3. Flashbangs now explode much quicker (shorter fuse) and thus cannot be exploited from on top of buildings.  They also don't affect Friendlies for very long and dead people can no longer be flashbanged.  AND you only carry 2 instead of 3.  Flashbangs no longer effect Tank/LAV/Car drivers but passengers can still be affected.  They also have a narrower cone of effect which is 145 degrees.

4. Turrets and Mounted weapons have a different independent sensitivity now and mine by default was WAY too quick.

5. AA now has even slower but more consistently damaging 30mm, and 20mm overheats quicker and has a higher spread than 30mm.

6. ALL aircraft have a redone interior and are less prone to solar and light glare.

7. Sidestepping is now slower so the "shooting dance" is less effective but less glitchy.

8. Suppression is less effective again.

9. Flir looks better but darker in Tanks,  PLD gets better range,

10. Attack jet is back to Original values for handling.

11. Vaulting over things now won't hurt you more than the regular fall would have.  Stairs are no longer able to kill you by standing on them.

And various other things that may or may not affect you.  These were just some that I thought were fairly major.

EDIT: Oh Yeah TV missiles now work MUCH better!

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