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#1 Wed, Apr 20, 2011 6:49 pm

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-Want to join-

in game name: Xerov
ive played on some other servers and i always find myself coming back to nuked server i play from mostly 3:30pm to about 7:00pm on monday-thursday and then on weekends will play all day long!
im 14 years of age going to be 15 in june!
i really like TDM thats my favorite game type
previous fps: mwf2, tf2, css, homefront, bfbc1 and bfbc2 then some random games such as crackdown 2 and such.
i think i can be a valued asset for esaw because i love the rules on your servers and feel that it is vital for teamwork to happen to reach the best possible outcome for the team!


#2 Wed, Apr 20, 2011 8:59 pm

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Re: -Want to join-

Unfortunately, due to your age, your app may be turned down.  Don't take it personally if that's the case, it's just been a long standing rule since the clan's inception.



#3 Thu, Apr 21, 2011 5:13 am

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Re: -Want to join-

parents consent....   mom has to log on vent...  and post comment with photograph...    for verification purposes of course....  hella young...  yet values the rules of the server...  cant fault the kid for that... 

those damn ten digits and two slashes after your XXX-XX-XXXX are always fucking up good things...  dont be 'are you mad' about it son...  part of life.

It may be impossible to make someone's head esse plode via forum posts...
I set my sights a little lower....
Making em wish they'd 'shit or go blind', is a compromise I can live with.


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