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#1 Mon, Jan 17, 2011 1:04 pm

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Who didn't see this coming?

First, I want to thank you guys for allowing me to play on your servers and for having me in Vent.  My therapist REALLY thanks you for allowing me to be in Vent.  By the way, I'm selling my Van Halen CDs... . You guys are a great group to be shot by, and I would like to continue to get shot by you jokers.

So... here's all the info:

-Do I enjoy HC TDM? (That's what we play in TWL)
I enjoy TDM, although I am not sure that HC in Black Ops is implemented that well.  I liked HC in COD4.  I am new to the TWL concept and will be glad to help in any way I can.

-Have I been playing in any of the Toy Soldiers servers lately (pref the HC)?
I played a game or two recently. :-)

-Am at least 18 years old?

-What other clans and games have I been in before?
I have played multiplayer in COD2, Modern Warfare (against a bunch of you guys), World at War, MW2 and BO.  While I have never been in a clan, I was part of a World of Warcraft guild (yes, I understand that this is going to cause some ridicule).  Part of the reason that I stopped playing WOW was the fact that it felt like a second job.

-Am I a racist/sexist/misanthrope/hate other religions? (If so, don't even bother applying)
In games, I am there to relax and have fun, not to discuss religion or politics. 

-Has my GUID been banned before or have I been banned from a league?
Yep - I had a little incident with a Grim Reaper from a care package than Wreck was kind enough to forgive me for.

-Do I have a working headset?

-Am I a team player?
I believe that I have proven my ability to help Chaos, Wreck, Cool and others to achieve additional prestige levels by stepping in front of their guns, knives, grenades, sentry guns, napalm strikes, etc to insure that they get the kills they need (i.e. you guys kill me a lot!).

1) State your in-game name in the servers.

2) State which of the Toy Soldiers servers you play on and approx time(s) (remembering time zone).
I mix it up between TDM 1 & 2 and 24/7 Nuke.  I am usually evenings east-coast time.

3) How old are you?
Physically 36, mentally... 12?

4) What gametype do you play?
Typically TDM.  I try to mix up my style depending on the map.  Frequently I use a silenced assault rifle, but there are some maps you have to whip out the AK74u and run & gun.  I am up for trying domination, CTF and some of the other types too.

5) Previous FPS games played/ past clans if any.
I have played multiplayer in COD2, Modern Warfare (against a bunch of you guys), World at War, MW2 and BO.  No clans.

6) Why you think you would be a valuable asset to the team.
I believe I am one of Chaos' favorite targets.  In all honesty, I like helping folks out, even if it means I am a moving target for the TWL team or whatever.

7) State that you have read this sticky as well.
What sticky?

Some other info... I have a dry sense of humor and am frequently accused of being a smartass.  As I stated before, I stopped playing MMORPGs because they felt like a part time job.  You guys seem to have a relaxed playing atmosphere that does not tie someone down to constant activity.  My real job requires me to travel, so there may be weeks here & there where I am MIA, and then when I show up I am really out of practice.  Most of the time, I am a middle-of-the-pack player with a KDR somewhere between 1 and 1.5.  Every once in a while, the blind squirrel finds a nut and goes 19-1; conversely the blind squirrel occasionally finds a freeway and goes 1-19.

I have been playing with you guys for a couple of weeks, so feel free to ask me anything I didn't answer here.




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Re: Who didn't see this coming?

I like Krazlin and am glad you are trying to join a bunch of degenerates.  When I say degenerates, I mean everyone but me of course.. wink    You should be hearing some non sense from Sugar and Guerrilla.  Ignore those two.



#3 Mon, Jan 17, 2011 6:04 pm

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Re: Who didn't see this coming?

about time!!!   smile


#4 Mon, Jan 17, 2011 11:53 pm


Re: Who didn't see this coming?

Ignore guerrilla? please! Im Awesome! and i never speak nonsense.i alway have valid points (when one is needed) athough i tend to say it in a commical manner (or at least i laugh. shit do i not make you guys laugh? AM I NOT FUNNY?!?!?)
anyway, i dactually dont have anyhing to ask (thats a first) but i would like to say Thank you for the interest in our noble organization, Thank you for helping fund our kind, generous group (though feel free to uh... make those donations out to me Thats G-E-U-R-R-I-L-L-A)
and lastly, just a word of advice, dont beshy. Talk it up in forums and vent (look atme, im like the worst player next to sugar, but they keep me around for my witty posts and awesome...donations hmm)
anyway, i got a chuckle from your ap so i hope you stick around.
edit: my keyboard is being screwy. work through the typos. i gav up trying to fix them.

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