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#1 Sat, Oct 31, 2009 7:48 am

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So, you'd like to join ESAW....

First some history.
ESAW was founded as a competitive gaming clan in 2004, and enjoyed a long run at the top of many TWL ladders.
Currently, we do not compete in any leagues, however, with the advent of new games, and subsequent clan interest, we may become a competitive clan again in the future.

That said, here are some updated questions to ask yourself prior to applying.

-Have I been playing in the Toy Soldiers server lately?
-Am at least 18 years old? (All applicants are required to be at least 18 years old)
-What other clans and games have I been in before?
-Am I a racist or do I often feel the need to use harsh derogatory terms? (If so, don't even bother applying)
-Has my GUID/Steam VAC been banned before or have I been banned from a league or any other game system? (Again, don't bother if you have)
-Do I have a working headset? (Needed for vent. If you get tags, it is mandatory that you are in vent when you are playing)
-Am I a team player? (Skill is necessary, but so is teamwork and getting along well with others)

If you answered correctly to all the questions above and you are serious about applying, here's a general format for you to follow when creating a thread:
1) State your in-game name in the servers.
2) How old are you?
3) Previous FPS games played/ past clans if any.
4) Why you think you would be a valuable asset to the team.
5) State that you have read this sticky as well.

If you are deemed worthy of a tryout, you will be contacted via PM with vent info and password to get in. GOOD LUCK!!!

-------------Updated 11/5/2013-----------------



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