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Kenneth Burke Jr


RIP 1973-2008

Damage, RIP 1973-2008
Kenneth R. Burke aka Danage aka Stinkfinger.

I first met Damage thru a friend. I was banging her and he was banging her friend. I played games back then and so did he. But we didn't play the same games. We always argued over a game we could play together. He didn't like to fly and I was all into it. He was playing Counter Strike and I was playing Ghost Recon. Then he turned me onto CoDV and it was on. He hooked me up with the clan he was in at the time. Masters of Mayhem and we have been gaming together ever since. That was back in the early 2000s, maybe 2001.

But Damage being damage said the wrong thing in vent one day and pissed off a few people and was kicked out of the clan. I stayed cause the clan was the fucking bomb, but he bugged me everyday after he got it into his mind to start a clan and show up the clan that kicked 'em. So 4 joints later we formed ESAW.

We grabbed a server and learned the ins and outs of running one on the fly. We started recruiting people straight from the server, well he did, hince the first ESAW team were a ragtag bunch of kids that their balls had not dropped yet. And FLST.

Damage has always been in the car business and has that fuck you its my way or the highway persauna. I was the buffer back then to the real world as I was the calm one, if you can believe that. Kennys likes were strip clubs and hand jobs while getting his nails done. Fat girls and humvees. He lived with his family in jersey all his life and took care f them when they do it anymore. He was the best friend I have had in a very long time and I always miss em. But dont get it twisted he was an asshole and would tell you so himself. At the same time if you were in the clan or a friend he would bend overr backwards to do anything for you.

Everyone knows Damage on different levels and thats the way friendship is. The longer you know someone the more attached or repulsed by that person you may become.

So thats my part on stinkfinger. peace
William AKA Wreckahoe
Damage was loud and in your face when he was on vent, especially when you would bring up politics and George W. Bush. Man, that was a button you could press and expect an instant explosion of potty mouth explicatives. However, when I would talk with him on the phone he was totally different. On the phone he was Kenny and he was kind and funny. You could talk with him for an hour about nothing lol!

Kenny was looking for a new job right before he died and since I was in Jersey I was trying to help him out. As tough as he was, you could tell he was scared at not being able to work and properly support his family. 3 or 4 times Damage kept asking me to meet him for drinks up North in my "neck of the woods". My schedule didn't allow for it and we never met face to face. The first and last time I was to see him, was at the funeral.

His Dad appreciated the flowers we got for him and he even chuckeled how I had them sign them with the clans tags! I will always regret not taking the time to meet with him. I still have his cell number as a speed-dial in my phone. Everytime I see it, I am reminded of a gentle giant with a vicious roar. I also keep it to remind me that tomorrow may never come, so you gotta get livin' today!
Chris AKA RogueSeal
When I first started playing CoD MW I was lucky enough to find the ESAW server, I liked the rules, and I really liked the ESAW people that were playing a lot at that time. Wreck didnt take any crap and would kick/ban people after a good stern warning. It was a really good place to play fair and was fun as well.

I had been playing there a lot and about the same time RottsnPitts and Rumrunner were playing all the time. One day Damage was on and he knew that I, Rum and Rotts were in there on a consistent basis. We were in the China town map when damage made me the offer to become a member and offerd me Admin status as well as Rumrunner and Rotts. I took it and he personally helped me set everything up like Ventrillo and Rconmax.

Damage was always funny and had a really good sense of humor about everything in the game. Wreck and Damage together made it more than just a game. They made it really fun all the way around and would offer what help and advice they could about things or issues that were not game related at all.

When we got the news about Damage it shook the clan up pretty bad and I really miss him. He worked hard to get this operation going and worked hard to keep it going through some rough times. Damage took a chance on me and gave me an opportunity and I took it and did well I think. I was lucky enough to thank him on serveral occasions for that before he passed.

I will end it there, Damage was a great person.

Formally ESAW Bedford
Speaking of unexpected... It sucks that i didnt get to hear him call me a crazy mexican one more time...haha i think its actually going to be kinda weird not to hear that from his crazy ass.

I didnt know damage as long as most of the other guys, maybe half a year or so when wreck brought me aboard from hbz. But he seemed to take to me quick and liked making racial slurs xD but its all good, i got my pokes in, rest in paradise bro, and hey, its ok to be a fatass up there <3
Anthony AKA EvilKarnie
You know plenty of times he would make everyone laugh. He always said what was on his mind... and never put up with any bullshit... lol one thing for sure--- he was for sure a hell-a-va- crazy and fun guy. You will always be missed Damage...
Paula AKA Wildkatz69
Damage is the reason I am in this clan. I was originally banned for "hacking" and after arguing about it, the ban was lifted. After this I started to hang around the server more and use the forums some (two forums ago). Damage found out I was military and gave me the vent and his xfire info (I was not in the clan, just a pubber). He told me that there would always be a spot for me in his server so in case it was full, jsut xfire him or hop on vent and he would clear a spot for me. Not to long later he asked me to join and after a week of him "bothering" me every time I joined the server, I accepted.

He was nice when there was no need to be. In a faceless arena where the worst in people is usually seen, he was a gentleman. Unfortunately not long after I joined he died. I did not know much at all about him, but I listened to the effect it had on the others. He was a well like man.
He was an asshole. I was an asshole. We got along.
Brandon AKA Zeus
Damage invited me into ESAW, even though it is readily apparent I suck.

I also remember his legendary TWL forum fights, he didn't take anyone's shit.
Adam AKA Waysa
Unfortunately, I never had the privelage of being on vent to hear some of his rants, I'm sure I would have enjoyed them though. I wasn't asked to join the team until a month after his passing. However, some of the first days when I found the NYC server, hearing Damage and Wreck going back and forth had me thinking what crazy cats they were. Funny as hell too. And despite my 100+ ping in the server, it ended up being the only one I played in. The rest is history.

So, RIP Damage, I'm sure we'll get to meet sooner or later. You're buying the first round ;-)
Jeff AKA sleepingdog
if i didnt get into it with damage every time i sat down to play...well then it wasnt a good time...i agree with zeus all the way..
I have had many great memories with you Damage that i will remember for the rest of my life. Damage recruited me when i first started cod1 even though i was the worst player ever, then helped me get better, supplied a server and everything the team needed....Damage u were a great leader, i respected u greatly. Damage Always looked out for all the teammates and did the best he could to make us all happy. Ive gamed with Damage since ESAW first started in cod1, and all the way through BF2 and cod2.

I will miss u.......

R.I.P bro. I will always remember u.
I'm very sorry to hear about Damage. He kept order on ESAW very well, and he made it very much enjoyable for me. A friend of mine down here in California (explanation for my ridiculously high ping on the servers) died from a car crash just last week. He was flying high on Lord knows what, he was a tough guy too.

Damage, I hardly knew you, and you sure as hell didn't know me, but you are in my prayers. RIP.
i would like to thank damage for takeing me into this team when wrck said i was a pos lol.... and all his funny jokes and his good play on pubs lol.... he was a god guy and like to crack jokes about family guy all the time (mr.herbert) get ur fat ass over here i got a nice ice cold popsicol for you why dnt you come on down to the celler i got aa tip in my pocket can u get it for me and last one weres the paper bo been.... RIP Bro u will be missed by most.... best wishes to his family friends and girl friend....
Damage was such a character. I'll miss the rants and good times on the server. We all lost a friend.

This is horrible, I'm so saddened by this and I didn't even really KNOW him. From what I did know, though, was that he always made me feel welcome and I always had fun playing against him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and girlfriend during this especially difficult time.

RIP, big guy! You'll be missed!!!!
RIP good friend we'll see you there someday.

ill always remember what damage would say on vent when i logged on : "so where's marie" lol
In the brief time I got to know damage and bug his ass...He really grew on me. Ill miss you buddy RIP

he really was a great guy
Wow..I don't even know what to say. I recognize so many of these names from soooooo long ago. And I cannot believe that Damage is gone. One of the funniest, craziest guys I've ever heard on vent, I will never forget the day we beat >PX< or was it ~)MM(~ back then I have no idea, but we beat them for the first time, and he went nuts over vent, he left, so he could go talk shit on their vent, and then came back all happy. God damn such good times I had with that guy, I'll forever be indebted to him for letting me and Mr.Blue start playing Search and destroy on his server since he fucking hated it and get my competitive edge as high as it was back then, that year and a half I played CodV will always have Damage as the reason I started playing competitively. You will be missed man.

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